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How to get a .TK Domain for Free
We will learn about the tips to get a .TK Domain for Free.

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If you have a wapsite with the address which looks something like - your-sitename.host-name.com then you may most probably want the address to be shortened. Isn't it?
If your answer is Yes then don't worry this post is all about making your site URL short. So let us learn the quick and easy tips to make the long URL into short just like your-sitename.tk

The below steps are with respect to the XTGEM sites.
1. Goto Dot.tk.
2. Enter your Current site URL which may be something like "http://your-sitename.xtgem.com" under "Enter Your URL here..." column. Click "Next>>".
3. Automatically a domain name is selected, but if you don't like the name then click in the column and enter your desired domain name with ".tk" at the end. After entering the captcha, On the same page below there are two options
i) Anonymous Free Domain
ii) Registered Free Domain
Select the second one i.e, under "Registered Free Domain" click "Next".
Do not click any other Buttons.
4. Now there are two options -
i) Free Domain
ii) Paid Domain
Select "Free Domain" and click "Next".

5. Recheck your URL, and then click on the button "Use DNS for this Domain" in the "Or" option.
6. In the two options there select "Use my own DNS Services"
Under the "Name Server" option enter -
ns1.xtgem.com in first box and ns2.xtgem.com in the second box. Leave the "IP Address" blank. Atlast enter your valid email address and click "Next".
7. Now enter the required information for the account and click "Next".
An activation code will be sent to your mail from which you can activate your account.
8. After 24hours, login in to your XTGEM account and click "Settings" - "Domain Parking" and enter your new site name "your-sitename.tk" in the box and enter.

Now your long site name is renamed to a short url.
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